The tennis courts near Cattolica

Our tennis courts protagonist in a project not to be missed

The tennis courts near Cattolica of the 4-star hotel rivieragolfresort host the Tennis Training School.
There are short holidays at Christmas and Easter and public vacations in the national official calendar.
The frequency can be once a week or twice a week, at the discretion and choice of the students; each session includes one hour of exercise on the tennis courts and an hour of gym.
The goals are education to the sport and its principles, the teaching of technique and tactics of tennis, the physical preparation.
These results are achieved through a program organized according to some training and preparatory elements for a young tennis player:
• technical education aimed at the acquisition of a solid foundation;
• guided points to learn the tactics and strategy;
• athletic work of basic and the sport games to develop harmoniously an adequate physical preparation in a simple and fun way;
• competition with days of friendly races dedicated to games and arbitrage;
• animation and socialization, considered fundamentals for each sport through the regular organization of parties, award ceremonies, dinners, outings;
• the discovery of the international universe by participating in the international tournament of Italy.
The activities are organized taking into account the different age groups and skills achieved by following a gradual and progressive engagement that accompanies the young people from beginners up to perfecting.
A part of the exercises are carried out in the form of points race.
The teachers have the task of directing and prepare participants, according to their features, towards provincial competitions and tournaments to undertake monitoring and select those who show special skills.  
The S.A.T. also organizes preparatory moments to the development and knowledge of the sport as a fun and educational path also articulated through collective moments of fun. Moreover, in order to develop specific skills of each boy and follow him in his approach to the tennis world, in September we organize one week trial for new students interested.
The training continues with the Summer Centers to guarantee, to those who wish, a continuous training of sport.
Of course it is recommended the participation from the beginning, but you can subscribe to S.A.T. also in courses already begun by making a specific test for the verification of skills and the consequent assessment of the availability of places in the working groups already established. 
Pre-registration for the next year are open for the whole month of August and September.
Hurry up to discover this extraordinary occasion of our 4-star hotel near Cattolica.

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