Tennis courses Cattolica

Tennis courses: discover our offers!

The tennis courses near Cattolica of the 4-star luxury hotel Rivieragolfresort for adults are divided over a period of eight months, from October to May and the activities take place from Monday to Friday during the evening and Saturday in the morning.
The course is structured in monthly cycles of 8 lessons for those who choose the biweekly frequency, vice versa is 4 for those who prefer the mono weekly, with a ratio of 3/4 students per field with the presence of the master.
Open to all and built according to the different starting preparation, it pursues technical sport finality, but it also creates opportunities to socialize. 
The general goal consist in a continued development of physical activity and training without interruptions as each exercise is designed and studied as a group program.
For beginners we have thought of a softer approach, with a fun spirit, by focusing on the acquisition of the technical bases to be able to play independently and in a short time by developing forms of competition suitable at their own level.
For more experienced players, we aim to an improvement in order to participate in the tournaments at the club both internal and external, included in the calendars F.I.T. 

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