Suites near Cattolica

Suites near Cattolica, never a more unique holiday

The 32 suites at the rivieragolfresort near Cattolica are a perfect example of the charming experience our guests will enjoy in this fabulous location and that is expressed in just one word - unique.

This is the essence of the 4 star hotel and its offer for your stays, each suite is different from any other, envisaged and created by the genius of 14 internationally renowned artists who have contributed to create true masterpieces, each featuring unparalleled spirit and ambiance.

The suites in this luxury hotel are available in 3 types:

All elegantly furnished and decorated with the highest quality materials, provided with plasma TV, Wi-Fi internet access, air conditioning, Sky TV, safe, direct phone line, mini-bar and hair-dryer. 27 of them also feature large designer bathtubs, each in a particular style so as to blend with the exclusive decor.

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