Restaurant near Cattolica vegans

Restaurant near Cattolica for vegans, tasty and refined dishes to enhance any moment

The restaurant for vegans at the rivieragolfresort near Cattolica  is an elegant and prestigious setting, situated in a magnificent hotel and nestled in the enchanting scenery of the Romagna countryside.
The "Tee Restaurant and Lounge" can always meet the demands and needs of its guests, offering vegan meals at all times, deftly combining the unique flavours of the cuisine of its chef with the dictates of this whole new lifestyle.

Restaurant near Cattolica for vegans, an extraordinary culinary spot in a dream scenario

The luxury restaurant of our 4-star hotel for events offers menus made specially according to veganism rules, without the use animal-derived elements.
The result is a series of delicious and original proposals, without meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, and using ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, seitan, gluten wheat or other grain derivatives, or tofu, obtained by curdling soy milk extracted from its seeds.

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