Restaurant near Cattolica Rimini

Restaurant near Cattolica and Rimini, the secret is in the quality

The rivieragolfresort restaurant in Romagna near Cattolica and Rimini aims to offer its guests a range of tasty, original and intriguing proposals which are produced by the combination of talent, experience and... excellent products.
Indeed, the starting point for our lofty achievements are the raw materials, a number of exceptional ingredients that come from this magnificent region and are carefully chosen according to the season.

The perfect restaurant to taste the flavors of the past, in a lovely spot near Cattolica and a short distance from Rimini

The same chef of the "Tee Restaurant and Lounge" personally chooses every product he uses to create classic or avant-garde dishes, which are light and delicious, refined or simple, but which all share a common denominator: the highest level of excellence.
Only the real gems of the area end up on the table of the 4-star hotel for events, including local delicacies such as cured meats, egg pasta, wine, cheese, game, extra virgin olive oil, from 5 Slow Food Presidia, and many other specialties.


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