Hotel with gym near Cattolica

Hotel with gym near Cattolica, a slice of unparalleled charm

The prestigious hotel with gym near Cattolica has created a not-to-be missed and intriguing proposition for its guests, which will provide a touch of style and sophistication to any event.
With the original "Rivierabeauty by night" the wellness centre becomes the perfect location to celebrate special occasions in complete privacy!
This beautiful and well-equipped area of the luxury hotel for events can be booked on an exclusive basis for events from 9.30 pm to 12.00 am at a rate of € 300.00.

Hotel with gym, the ideal solution to experience unforgettable evenings near Cattolica

The 4-star hotel, and especially its spa, is ready to turn on all its charms, don its gala dress and enrich and enlighten festivals, parties and receptions with impeccable class.
Sports enthusiasts can take advantage of a wide range of Technogym equipment, while everything will be further enhanced by the creations of our chef with his spontaneous menu and fantastic dishes made using fresh and homegrown ingredients.

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