Members Golf Clubs near Cattolica

Members of Riviera Resort Golf Club near Cattolica must observe the following rules

Tee time rules

• You must always reserve and record your tee time in the appropriate book at the desk in reception before tee time;
• External players will be issued with a ticket with assigned tee time;
• Tee times will be issued to players in order of reservation and subject to availability;
• You can only reserve one tee time per day for every single player. Guests wishing to play 9 holes must give advance notice;
• If you wish to play 9 holes starting from the 10th hole, you must report it at the time of reservation, and you will be assigned a tee time only if it is compatible with the number of players on the course and provisions of the golf administration;
• Cancellation of tee times: reserved tee times must be cancelled by 2:00 pm on the previous day. Violations will be reported to the disciplinary committee;
• Players playing on the course without a valid reservation lose all rights to play against other players and can be removed from the course;
• Duration times for each hole as indicated in the time sheet must be observed;
• You must start from the 1st hole and the 10th hole playing only from the standard tees, unless otherwise specified;
• The holes must be played in the order of play established; if you do not, you lose all right to play against other players and will be removed from the course;
• Access to the Riviera Golf Resort course is permitted by all players who have the appropriate golf requirements, members with playing handicaps and with valid membership, guests of the Resort and external guests provided they have paid the green fees for the day and have placed their ticket on the golf bag; in any case, all players who possess minimum course player qualification;
• During periods of high field congestion and on the weekend, players will be grouped in departures consisting of three or four players: reserved tee times may therefore be modified;
• Faster teams, regardless of the number of players in that team, always have the right to overtake the slower teams;

The book The Rules of Golf 2012-2015 is available on-line.

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