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Rules and etiquette for members of the Riviera Resort Golf Club near Cattolica


All Members and Visitors must register at the Reception desk before start of play. It is recommended you register 30 minutes prior to tee time. Checking-in and registering a few minutes before the scheduled tee time allocated may cause cancellation or postponement.

Tee time must always be reserved and recorded on the appropriate book at the desk at reception before tee time.
External players will receive a ticket with an assigned tee time.
Tee times will be issued to players in order of reservation and subject to availability.
Only one tee time per day can be reserved for every single player.
Players wishing to play 9 holes must give advance notice.
Players wanting to play 9 holes starting from the 10th hole must report it at the time of reservation, and will be assigned a tee time only if it is compatible with the congestion of the course and with golf administration provisions.
Cancellation of tee times: reserved tee times must be cancelled by 2.00 pm the previous day. Violations will be reported to the Disciplinary Committee.
Players playing on the course without a valid reservation lose all rights to play against other players and can be removed from the field.
Pace of play time must be observed for each hole indicated in the time sheet.
You must start from the 1st hole and the 10th hole teeing off only from the standard tees, unless otherwise specified.
The holes must be played in the order of play established; if you do not, you lose all right to play against other players and will be removed from the course.
Access to the Riviera Golf Resort course is permitted by all players who have the appropriate golf requirements, members with playing handicaps and with valid membership, guests of the Resort and external guests provided they have paid the green fees for the day and have placed the ticket on the golf bag; in any case, all players who possess minimum course player qualification.
During periods of high field congestion and on the weekend, players will be grouped in departures consisting of three or four players: reserved tee times may therefore be modified.
Faster teams, regardless of the number of players in that team, always have the right to overtake the slower teams.

Guests are required to adhere to a dress code in accordance with the environment and atmosphere of our Club. Casual clothing (golf-appropriate) is allowed in the Club House. Golf-specific clothing is required on the course and on all practice areas.
Appropriate clothing is always recommended on the driving range.
Men: Shirts with collars and sleeves, slacks or bermuda shorts are appropriate clothing.
Women: Dresses, skirts, pants, or shorts and polo shirts are appropriate clothing.
Shoes: Golf shoes are recommended on the course. All other shoes must have a soft sole. Shoes with metal studs are not permitted at Riviera Golf Resort.
Jeans, tracksuit pants, fitness clothing, beachwear, tennis shorts or shorts are not allowed on the golf course.
This dress code is mandatory for all players.
Players dressed inappropriately will be asked to change before playing.
If you are in doubt about your clothing, please ask at the Pro Shop.

Remember that your place is immediately after the group in front of you, and not before the one that is behind you!
If a group does not maintain its position on the course and loses a hole compared to the group that precedes it, they must ask the next group to move forward. Players who have stopped for any reason after completing nine (9) holes, must reach the successive tee before the group that follows them gets to that tee, otherwise they lose their position on the course.
Always allow for faster groups to move forward. It is not permissible for a player to play more than one ball.
1) To speed up the game: always keep eye contact with the group in front of you; if you are unable to see it, you're probably too slow.
2) Get to the first tee at least 5 minutes before the scheduled tee time.
3) On the tee, be ready to play: a player ready to play avoids delays.
4) Walk with a swift pace and plan your next choice of club before you get to your ball.
5) When you go on the green for putting, leave your golf bag in the direction of the next hole.
6) Plan and study your putt while another player is putting, and be ready to play when it’s your turn.
7) Do not mark your score on the green, do it on the tee of the hole.

When the siren sounds once for a long time, the danger of lightning nearby is imminent or a storm is about to hit the course; play must be immediately suspended.
When bad weather causes a stoppage of play and conditions do not allow its resumption, upon the decision of the Sports Secretariat, a "rain-credit" may be established with partial or full reimbursement of the green fee or entry to the game.

The driving range is open during the hours of play shown at the Sports Secretariat and Reception and will be closed for general maintenance work at the times displayed at the Sports Secretariat and Reception.
The practice balls are intended for use only on the driving range and their use is not allowed on the course: anyone caught playing them on the course will be immediately removed from the course and access to the club will be denied for a week.
Picking up the ball directly from the driving range is strictly prohibited.
Practicing on the golf course is not permitted. The driving range, putting and chipping green and practice bunker must be used for practice.

Golf carts cannot be used by a Member or a Resort Guest without their assignment and registration at Reception.
Golf carts must be driven solely on the paths; if there are none, golf carts must be driven only in high grass. It is forbidden to zigzag on the fairway, crossing the fairway is permitted according to the 90° rule.
Anyone driving a golf cart must be at least 18 years old. Each player must have their own golf bag and set of clubs. No more than two (2) adults and two (2) sets of clubs are allowed on each golf cart.
Users of a golf cart assume responsibility and are liable for damages caused to the vehicle and third parties.

The Club House must provide all the food and beverages consumed on the property of the course. Picnic lunches and packed lunches are not allowed.

The Sports Secretariat and Marshalls have at all times full authority over the players. They are responsible for enforcing the Rules of Golf and Club regulations. Any violation should be reported to the Sports Secretariat.
Anyone who assumes a conduct deemed inappropriate, offensive, or harmful to the common good, safety, harmony and good reputation of the Golf Club and the players will be ejected from the field by action of the Secretariat and will incur the related disciplinary action. The Secretariat, Management and the Commission will determine what constitutes inappropriate conduct, which is detrimental to the common good, safety, harmony and good reputation.

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