Golf members near Cattolica

Golf members near Cattolica, regulations and guidelines to observe

All golf members of the Golf Club near Cattolica at rivieragolfresort, the luxury resort in Romagna, are required to follow the specific "Tee Time" and "Internal label” norms in order to guarantee the smoothest competition and mutual respect among players on our courses.
All of this is to ensure that your experience with this fascinating and technically challenging sport is even more exciting, comprehensive and unforgettable.

Golf members near Cattolica, fun and breathtaking scenery in a magnificent property

We remind you that members and visitors must register at reception before starting the game. It is recommended you reserve within 30 minutes before your turn to avoid the cancellation or postponement of your match.
In addition, kindly note the rules of R. & A. Limited, FIG and FIG hard card 2011, with the exception of Transport.
For further information and details please refer to the inside pages of this section.

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