Golf Course nearby Cattolica

Golf Course near Cattolica, an extraordinary setting for a perfect day

The golf course of the rivieragolfresort nearby Cattolica offers its unique spaces for amazing events created by the resort Golf Academy for very special guests.
The protagonist of these not-to-be-missed options is the business world, for which dedicated Corporate Days have been designed, during which there are group lessons of several hours to introduce this wonderful game.
These can have a maximum of 10 players for each hour-long lesson, and at the end of the course the participants will play a putting green competition with ranking and prizes.

Golf Course near Cattolica, the surprises never end

But that’s not it: the fantastic experience continues with the personalization of a physical preparation program aimed to prevent injury and improve performance, with the help of the 4-star meetings hotel coach.
Upon request, a sports psychologist can be provided for training related to the improvement of concentration and mental conduct on the golf course.
Should you wish to pamper yourself even more, all you have to do is choose one of our beautiful suites.

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