Golf Course near Cattolica Riccione

Golf Course near Cattolica and Riccione, discover the thrill of an elegant microcosm

The golf course of the rivieragolfresort near Cattolica and Riccione, a luxury hotel with swimming pool, is a sophisticated setting, where beginners can experience the magic of this unique world.
It begins with the dictates of the brief golf game with putting, chipping, pitching, bunker (short approach near the green and long one from the fairway), followed by those for grip, alignment, set-up and routine and the 10 fundamental swing principles, also analysed through computerized videos.

Golf Course near Cattolica and Riccione, excitement and fun in a setting of breathtaking beauty

The program continues with courses for moving from NA (non-qualified player) to GA (adequate to enter the course); golf regulations to the NC league (Non classified: access to competitions having obtained a handicap); on course strategy and 4 special shots: with ball above and below feet, uphill and downhill.
Personalized physical training to prevent injury and improve performance, and upon request, a sports psychologist aimed at improving concentration and mental conduct during play.

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