Golf Academy near Cattolica

Golf Academy near Cattolica, the ideal way to learn a superior sport

The  Golf Academy of the rivieragolfresort near Cattolica collaborates with professionals of the Reale Golf School, one of the most established organizations in the sector at a national level, with the aim of forming a group with the same characteristics, both moral and cultural, which share the great love for this magnificent sporting activity.
The Academy arose from the passion for the game and desire to spread it through its teachings, and periodically, in addition to the permanent presence of a Master, clinics are organized at the luxury hotel for events.

Golf Academy near Cattolica, unique fun-filled days

The Golf Academy provides you with the chance to seize this sensational opportunity, characterized by the coming together of some of the top pros and the beautiful setting of our hotel.
Ability and expertise are the key ingredients of these not-to-be-missed events, to experience contact with golf and to dive headfirst into the many amenities of our resort, which is right near the Romagna coast and a short distance from Rimini and Riccione.

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