Golf Club in Romagna

Golf Club in Romagna, a fantastic surprise-filled world

The Golf Club of the rivieragolfresort in Romagna provides its guests a series of unmissable opportunities, which make the entire property even more unique and original.
One of these is the special T42 area, a store dedicated entirely to golf clothing and equipment, but also a wide choice of clothes for your free moments of recreation.
All apparel is the result of a perfect blend of quality, style and technology, that come together to create a line of the highest kind.

Golf Club in Romagna, the fun never ends

Thanks to the T42, each guest of the 4-star hotel for events can combine leisure-time on the golf course near Cattolica with a passion for shopping, which in this case is a proudly and totally Italian company, which magnificently combines a love for the sport with experience in the textile sector.
Developed with the aim of maximizing performance, our items, depending on each product, are windproof, waterproof, breathable, thermal, and comfort fit.

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