Hotel for events near Cattolica sea

Hotel for events near Cattolica and the sea, a slice of magnificence for your most exciting games

The rivieragolfresort, hotel for events near Cattolica and the sea, is a real oasis paradise for all golf lovers.
Its 18 + 9-executive hole course by Graham Cooke and architect Luigi Rota Caremoli,  who designed the first holes,  offers experts and beginners a spectacular setting and amazing opportunity to test their abilities.
It is in this 4-star hotel for events context where national and international level competition professionals and enthusiasts meet to have fun and put their skills to the test.

A perfect hotel for large and small events, near Rimini, Cattolica, Riccione and the sea

The contests promoted by our 4-star luxury hotel are an event not-to-be-missed by any golfer.
They are a challenge against the playing field and themselves, to improve and do so by taking on other players.
There are several formulas to prove yourself against the different rules governing the competitions of this fascinating world.

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