Hotel for events near Cattolica

Hotel for events near Cattolica, a unique experience in a breathtaking setting

The rivieragolfresort, hotel for events near Cattolica, invites everybody to take part in an unmissable and exceptional event that will allow you to experience a sport in a exclusive way.
This is represented by our outstanding Pro-Am golf competitions where a professional plays with three amateur golfers.
It’s a perfect opportunity for the latter to engage and discover a different approach to this sport.

Hotel a short distance from the sea, a beautiful location for meetings and events, near Rimini and Cattolica

Both novices and enthusiasts can seize upon this fantastic chance of being able to closely observe and understand how a true expert acts and thinks, and pick up some secrets, strategies, and ways of approaching opponents and the course.
And after a game, you cannot miss immersing yourself in the elegant atmosphere and many mod-cons of the 4-star hotel for events, a magnificent luxurious area to relax and experience many unforgettable moments.

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