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Art and Culture between Romagna and Marche

The museums , exhibitions , cultural events

If the purpose of your vacation is to discover our region in terms of culture and art , our staff will help you organize your cultural holiday between Romagna and Marche.

We can also book tickets for museums and exhibitions, create an itinerary to discover the historical buildings and cultural beauties of our territory.

You could start from Romagna and the Arena della Regina Cattolica with the remains of a small village age – Roman republican and a digression devoted to maritime tradition and the Adriatic Coast, which houses among other things a major exhibition entitled ” Boats and people of the Adriatic : 1400-1900 . ”

From Cattolica  to Riccione, in order to admire the Territorial Museum Luigi Ghirotti and the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art . A special mention deserves the magnificent Mondaino Malatesta Castle , built between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries , with impressive Ghibelline battlements and a dense network of tunnels, hidden doors and secret passages.

Not to mention Rimini and its beauty , from the Roman ruins such as the Arch of Augustus , to the numerous museums scattered throughout the city and exhibitions hosted price the Malatesta Fortress , in the heart of the city. Not far from Rimini, we can not forget , among others , the beautiful villages of Santarcangelo and San Leo, near Rimini and the nearby San Marino, whose historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage .

From Romagna to Marche , where a go to the nearby Gradara is a must, its historical and legends related to the history of Dante’s Paolo and Francesca, the medieval castle and the wonderful view of the hills that go down to the sea . Heading south we find ourselves in Pesaro where you can admire the birthplace of Rossini, the space devoted to ceramics , archeology, marine and motorcycle Pesaro and the universe of the Gothic Line in Montegridolfo .

A place to discover is San Giovanni in Marignano , the gateway to Conca , whose origin is particularly evident from the ancient medieval fortifications, fate to defend the castle interior, kept a rich grain storage

If you love art and culture, or are simply curious to experience a different kind of holiday , book our Golf & Spa Hotel in the hills of the Cattolica , we are ready to give you the best holiday in Romagna and Marche and on request we can offer you also a tourist guide and transportation services, so that the beauty of our land , will remain in my heart.


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