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Your Inspiration Oasis, Golf Resort, Spa and Suites in Adriatic Riviera

A resort with a unique design, in the countryside, away from the daily traffic, it is the place of inspiration where you can relax, dedicate yourself to your projects, meet inspiring people, or why not, give yourself a refreshing break after a period of intensive work.

In an increasingly digital world where professional and personal life mingle every day in our smartphones, we are convinced that to better enjoy is essential to work in a relaxed and relax in a stimulating environment.

Dozens of successful people think like us. Each year, singers, actors and sports champions and young “web star” choose the Riviera Golf as a retreat to relax and prepare for their most important performances.

The quiet of the countryside, the beauty of the structure, the beautiful pool in the well-known stone, help to create the ideal scenario to find a sense of connection with themselves, with others and with the environment around us.

Our staff is at your disposal to keep our promise: to help you bring out the best in you.

  •      Come to the Riviera to work on your next project? We can help you in your search as you seek inspiration from a dip in the pool and a massage.
  •     You must prepare yourself for a sporting performance? You can train in our gym with personal trainers and wellness entrust to experts the first restaurant in Italy where we serve dishes designed ad hoc for your physical well-being
  •     just you want to relax? We are ready to advise a treatment in our spa, point you in the best boutiques for shopping or the right wine cellar for a wine tasting in the surrounding hills.
  •     Are you organizing a prestigious event for your company? We will combine our decades of experience to organize a professional meeting and entertainment of the highest level.

Contact our staff now to book your wellness experience.

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