Meeting Room near Cattolica Suite Solution

Meeting room near Cattolica Suite Solution, when the business world is adorned in elegance

The Solution Suite meeting room near Cattolica is the special working environment that fully reflects the philosophy of the whole resort, based on a perfect combination of luxury, class and sophistication.
Indeed, this area is the largest in the hotel, in a quiet and refined space, excellent for the meeting of a small number of people in total privacy.
The large windows ensure optimum use of natural light, while the elegant furnishings and finishes contribute to making every moment spent inside an unforgettable one.

Meeting room, a large complex near Cattolica, be surprised with the fantastic Suite Solution

Available for use by guests: 32 or 42-inch television, flipchart, wi-fi, sound system and microphone, stationery, mineral water and candy.
The meeting room in a luxury hotel for events can accommodate up to a maximum of 10 participants in a 25 sqm room with width of 5 m., length of 5 m. and height of 5 m.

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