Meeting Room near Cattolica Pool Bar

Meeting room near Cattolica Pool Bar, a tiny jewel in an elegant setting

The meeting room close to Cattolica with the exclusive Pool Bar of the rivieragolfresort is in a unique meeting location, far from the cold spaces that characterize activities and meetings of various kinds.
Indeed, it is situated in a small natural basin of the luxury hotel, surrounded by green areas and poolside, creating an informal and stimulating place for reduced groups wanting to organize meetings without sacrificing the pleasures of the summer season and sun-filled days, producing an attractive and extremely pleasant work environment.

Meeting room near Cattolica Pool Bar, charm and exclusivity to enhance your moments

The resort offers guests a 42-inch TV, flipchart, sound system and microphone, wi-fi, stationery, mineral water and candy.
Able to accommodate up to 15 people, the room of the 4-star hotel for meetings can be modulated with auditorium setup with side speakers stations, or classroom desk, horseshoe or boardroom style.

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