Meeting Planner near Cattolica

Meeting Planner near Cattolica, a highly prestigious service for your appointments

The "Riviera Golf Resort" meeting planner near Cattolica is one of many services provided by the facility to design and create a flawless event from every point of view.
The highly qualified and experienced staff takes its place alongside the style and features of a luxury hotel which is unique in its kind, nestled in a beautiful area and full of cutting-edge environments, like the four singularly original and very special conference rooms which are functional and elegant at the same time.

Meeting planner, discover the many opportunities of a stunning setting near Cattolica

The 4-star hotel for meetings has spaces designed specifically for the business world, with a capacity from 10 to 200 delegates in a captivating and striking scenario, with an interior made using the highest quality materials.
Also, being near arterial roads and the airport, and the extraordinary and comfortable suites, make our resort a must for the commercial sphere. Our resort is created to provide the best possible solutions for the modern businessperson.

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