Local products Emilia Romagna

Local products Emilia Romagna, the taste and the delights of a fantastic universe

The local products of the great Emilia Romagna region that you can discover at the Riviera Golf Resort in Cattolica are a basic component of the cultural context of this land, a key part of the history of many peoples, which allow us to understand better than many other things, traditions, customs and the very essence of an entire people.
This magnificent area has always been considered a veritable gastronomic paradise, in which "Parmigiano Reggiano" and "Prosciutto di Parma" definitely stand out, the real kings and queens of this world.

Local products Emilia Romagna, a great popular inheritance to protect and enhance

The tastings in our 4-star hotel allow you to experience marvels such as wine, cheese, beer, extra-virgin olive oil, and of course, cured meats, with 5 different Slow Food Presidia as proof of this strong local industry tradition.

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