Cured meats tasting Romagna

Cured meats tasting in Romagna, unmissable appointments in a fantastic location

Tasting of delicious cured meats in Romagna is definitely one of the opportunities not to be missed during a holiday in this beautiful area.
The stars in this case are the kings of regional gastronomy, with products that have become real national symbols, which are consumed and envied even outside of Italy.
The rivieragolfresort luxury hotel for events is the perfect setting to discover delicacies which are unique in the world, combinations with other delightful products and accompanied by extraordinary wines.

Cured meats tasting in Romagna, rush in and immerse yourself in an unparalleled universe

Among the many sector specialties produced in our region, special mention should be made of the 5 veritable pearls which over time have become Slow Food Presidia: the "culatello of Zibello", the "mariola", classic mortadella, the "salama da sugo" salami and "spalla cruda
Cured meats tasting events that you can experience in our hotel aim to enhance not only these real cornerstones of Italianness, but also to spread the exquisite typical products made by small artisans of this great territory.

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