Beer tasting Romagna

Beer tasting in Romagna, indulge in your passions in a remarkable setting

Beer tasting in Romagna is one of the many internal activities constantly organized by the rivieragolfresort luxury hotel for events. A tantalizing way to exalt and help spread products which have become to all intents and purposes pieces of the Italian food and wine mosaic.
The standouts are the delicious Viola craft beers, in its 5.6° pale lager version and 6.6 ° Brown ale one, both 0.75 l., by Arduini, including valuable advice from international brewers.

Beer-tasting in Romagna, the tastiest way to get to know the area

The most important one by far is Amarcord, the best-selling craft beer in Italy, directly from Rimini and the result of the passion of a few friends who in the 90s decided to forge an unforgettable adventure to celebrate their hometown, memories and traditions.
The result is of the highest level, achieved by the use of quality hops, knowledge, technology and the purest water from the Central Apennines.
What else are you waiting for? Come and try the exciting experience of great beer tasting at the hotel.

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