Museum reservations Romagna

Museum reservations in Romagna, an unmissable journey through the wonders of our region

Museum reservations in Romagna is one of the services offered by our rivieragolfresort 4-star hotel for events.
The multilingual staff is available 24 hours a day to provide useful tips and assistance to make reservations or identify the main points of interest in the area.
These include the Museo della Regina, located in via Pascoli and its archaeological section with the remains of a small Roman-Republican-age village and one dedicated to Adriatic and Romagna maritime culture, which houses, among other things, a major exhibition entitled "Boats and people from the Adriatic: 1400-1900".

Museum reservations in Romagna, a long journey through the creations of man

One must not forget the Nazionale della Rocca museum complexes in Gradara, including the Territorio Luigi Ghirotti museum and the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Riccione, the birthplace of Rossini, the spaces devoted to ceramics, archeology, nautical and motorcycles in Pesaro and the Gothic Line museum in Montegridolfo.
A special mention should be made of the magnificent Malatestiano Castle in Mondaino, built between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, with impressive Ghibelline battlements and a dense network of tunnels, hidden doors and secret passages.

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