Family hotel Romagna

Hotel for families in Romagna, the starting point for a fantastic experience amongst the wonders of the area

The rivieragolfresort family hotel in Romagna offers its guests unmissable services designed to allow your family to experience the captivating reality that enrich the region, amongst landscape and cultural masterpieces.
A place to discover is San Giovanni in Marignano, the gateway to the Valconca valley, whose medieval origins are particularly evident from the ancient fortifications, which arose to defend the castle inside, which in its belly held a rich grain storage.

Family Hotel in Romagna, an exciting journey through history and myths

Our luxury hotel with golf courses also organizes family tours to charming Middle Ages towns such as Gradara, the famous Romagna party cities Rimini and Riccione, in addition to any other nearby location.
A truly amazing spot is the Republic of San Marino, a few minutes from the 4-star family resort in Romagna, whose historical centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Transfers and guides upon request.

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