4-star hotel swimming pool Romagna

Hotel with swimming pool in Romagna, an extraordinary setting to discover and enjoy all the year-round

The "rivieragolfresort" 4-star hotel with big swimming pool in Romagna enriches its range of offers by also becoming a... bike hotel.
The strategic geographical location in which the property is situated is a veritable paradise for bikers, who can take advantage of paths of varying difficulty, which are perfect to put your skills to the test or just for fun in nature.
Everyone, however, can try the enormous thrill of riding on the same streets that gave rise to the birth of the legendary Marco Pantani, the brilliant "pirate" with his bandana and earring.

Hotel with swimming pool in Romagna, an exclusive location for an unforgettable holiday

At the luxury hotel for events, you will be embraced by an exceptional area, enhanced by an great number of cycling routes of varying complexity, but which are always highly spectacular, both on the plains as well as up and down hills.
It provides a bewitching opportunity to fully experience an absolutely magical location in Italy and discover its fragrances, tastes and culture.

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