4-star hotel for families Romagna

4-star hotel for families, the love for the sport combined with the beauty of Romagna

One of the distinctive traits of the prestigious 4-star "rivieragolfresort" hotel for families in Romagna is its position in the lovely Romagna countryside, a short distance from the beach and in a perfect setting which makes it ideal for families that wish to practise different sports.
One of these is hiking, which is healthy and can be enjoyed by everyone and which is gaining more widespread popularity among the general public. It has that perfect combination of the need for exercise with the desire and curiosity to experience veritable landscape gems.

4-star deluxe hotel for families, the joys of Romagna, a wonderful region at any time of the year

Guests of our 4-star luxury resort for events who like walking and discovering, can take hikes around the area surrounding the golf course, or enjoy the excitement of special Nordic walking routes in the Valconca valley, through breathtaking routes between San Giovanni in Marignano and Riccione.
The 4-star hotel perfect for families also recommends fun on and off road cycling-tourism routes, to discover the beautiful coastline, with perhaps a visit to Gradare and ascending to Casteldimezzo, or the fantastic small villages scattered in the interior.

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