4-star hotel for families near Cattolica

4-star hotel for families, fun and style near Cattolica

The prestigious rivieragolfresort 4-star hotel for families near Cattolica arises out of the enchanting setting of the Romagna countryside, in a captivating and relaxing location.
The distinctive traits of the 4-star property also include its position, which is in a very strategic and fascinating area.
The proximity to the Adriatic Sea, 10 minutes away, makes it perfect to enjoy the beautiful coastline and enjoy the beach tennis and volleyball courts that the luxury hotel for events offers its guests free of charge.

4-star hotel for families, discover all the fun of an extraordinary setting near Cattolica

These magical areas are the perfect place to spend exciting sports-filled days, in the company of friends and family, with the sea to act as a perfect backdrop.
Its particularly comfortable indoor areas, the impeccable services, the precious assistance provided by staff and the outdoor areas immersed in greenery with its wealth of recreational opportunities, give rise to a 4-star resort for family of enormous charm, to enhance the most important moments of your life and add a touch of class to unmissable instants.

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