Pet friendly hotel near Cattolica

Pet friendly hotel near Cattolica, the joy of a getaway with your pet

The rgr pet friendly hotel near Cattolica welcomes you to a resort of great charm and prestige, the ideal place to relax and experience a princely getaway with your pet.
One of the characteristics of the luxury events resort is to be pet friendly, that is to accommodate even your little four-legged friend, thus giving you the opportunity to spend one of the most exciting experiences you've ever had with your pet, without the worry of not being beside it even for a moment.

Pet friendly hotel near Cattolica, immerge yourself in a fun-filled world

One of the highlights of our 4-star friendly hotel is that it is located just a few minutes from the beautiful Romagna coast, one of the best in Italy in regards the reception.
Indeed, there are many beach pet friendly designed specifically for dogs, cats and other animals, so that they can easily be beside you, even for a dip in the water.
In our resort guests can enjoy the magnificent suites, exclusive wellness centre, the "Tea Restaurant and Lounge" and many surprises created for you.

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